Installing an ARM cross-compiler on Mac Mountain Lion

Here I will describe my installation of an ARM cross compiler, on a MacBook Air with Mac OS Mountain Lion.

After some searching on the net I decided to try the YAGARTO toolchain.

Navigating to the download place for Mac, I downloaded the file


Using this file however led to an error, saying

selected processor does not support requested special purpose register -- `mrs r0,cpsr'

I reverted to an older version, found at YAGARTO’s Sourceforge page. This led to download of the file


Double-clicking on this downloaded file, I was able to install the toolchain.

I then added the following changes

export ARM_GCC_LOCATION=/Users/oladahl/yagarto/yagarto-4.6.2/bin

to my setup script, where I also set up other environment variables.

Now I can start programming for ARM!

As an example, I can compile, link, and run the example described in Chapter The Bare Metal in the book Into Embedded.