Into Embedded – two chapters to look at

The first two chapters of the book Into Embedded have been updated.

There is also a Book Software page where you can download the software for these two chapters.

The software treats, for 32-bit Intel and for ARM, the topic of building a small program that can run without the help of an operating system. This is often referred to as bare metal programming, and I think it can be both rewarding and challenging.

Two chapters in good shape

Today I released a version of Into Programming, where the first two chapters, called Welcome and Names and Values, are in a somewhat readable form.

I will continue the work with finishing the other chapters, while at the same time working on the book generation software.

Intoembedded – a first draft version

A first draft of a new Book with Views – Into Embedded – is released. It has two views, one for the 32-bit Intel-x86 architecture and one for the ARM architecture. You can find more info at the Books with Views blog.

The Intobooks

A first draft of a first book is present on the intobooks site. The book is about programming.

You can find out more at The Intobooks site

Updates to this book and others will be announced here on this blog.