Two chapters in good shape

Today I released a version of Into Programming, where the first two chapters, called Welcome and Names and Values, are in a somewhat readable form.

I will continue the work with finishing the other chapters, while at the same time working on the book generation software.

Connecting the views also at code figures

The Books with Views book creation software now generates links between the views also directly after figures showing code. As an example, you can try the links directly after Figure 3 in Into Programming.

In addition, the web-version of each book now contains links at the end of each section, linking to the next section in the book.

Adding math

Examples of mathematical equations have been added to the book Into Programming. You can see the equations in the Section called Do it more than once in the book Into Programming. You can also see them on the book’s About page for equations.

An index has been added

The book Into Programming has been updated. An index has been added, with a search functionality (try the search box on the top right of the pages). There is also a page where all words from the index are collected.

Also, the text in Section Say hello has been edited, and more details have been added, to the C view and to the Java view.

Into Programming update

New content have been added to the Into Programming book.

Updates were done in Sections Say hello and How to make it run, in the first chapter.